Frequently Asked Questions

The World of Golf Theme Park is a world-class facility, offering a wide range of activities for its members and guests. There are a few common questions that tend to pop up with our new members. We hope that these FAQ’s will give you a better understanding of what The World of Golf has to offer. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact one of our friendly consultants.

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When can I practise?
In summer The World of Golf is open from 06h00 – 21h00 during the week, and from 06h00 – 20h00 on weekends. In winter we are open from 07h00 – 20h00 during the week, and from 07h00 – 19h00 on weekends. Our facility closes every Friday morning until 12h00, allowing us time to prepare for the weekend.

Can I bring family and friends to practise with me?
Guests are welcome to join you at a daily visitor’s rate. These rates vary during peak and off-peak times, and guests that aren’t using the facility may enter for free. There are also daily rates for juniors. You can pick up a list of our daily visitors rates at reception.

Can someone else use my membership card?
Your personal membership card is for your use only. If someone else is found using your card, your membership will be cancelled immediately.

Am I allowed to play off the grass tees?
Of course you can! For a nominal fee of R89.00 per month, members can upgrade their membership to include grass tees. The added fee structure is necessary because grass is considerably more expensive to maintain than mats. The wear and tear on the golf balls is also significantly greater on grass. Should you wish to upgrade your membership, please contact one of our friendly sales consultants.

How can I obtain an official handicap?
When you join a golf club, you automatically receive a handicap card, once you have entered your scores from 6 full rounds. The handicap system will calculate your official handicap after that. In order to provide our members with an affordable official handicap, The World of Golf has joined forces with Observatory, Crown Mines, Eagle canyon, and Wingate Golf Club. Once you have a handicap card, you are automatically charged affiliated rates at almost all of the golf clubs in South Africa, which is a considerable saving over the non-affiliated rate.

What makes our facility unique?
The World of Golf is the only facility in SA that provides ‘bottomless’ buckets of golf balls, as well as free professional help daily through our master class demonstrations and ‘call for help’ clinics. These are hosted by our Gary Player Certified Professionals, and cover all aspects of the game. There are also masterclass seminars three times a month on golf rules, golf fitness and golf psychology. All this and more is given to members at no extra cost! In addition, The World of Golf organizes golf days on Sundays and during the week, at many of the top golf courses in Gauteng. Members receive discounted rates, and are welcome to bring guests for a slightly higher fee. Bookings are essential and can be done through Kevin Eden (011) 545 8670

Can I freeze, suspend, or deactivate my membership?
Members can suspend their membership for a minimum of 1 month (for an unlimited period). This can be done by contacting our Member Services department, 30 days prior to deactivation. There is a nominal monthly fee to cover our administration costs, but you will still receive your magazine and all correspondence from The World of Golf.

If I bring my children will they have to pay?
If your child wants to hit some golf balls there is a flat rate, which varies depending on the age of your children. If your child is not a golfer yet, they will be allowed in – free of charge – but will only be allowed to use the outdoor play area.

What happens if I come without my access card?
You will be asked to present either your ID document or drivers license, or some form of identification which includes a photograph.

Can I bring my golf bag?
The World of Golf is a bag-free zone, however should you wish to bring your bag inside, we will happily store it for you in our club storage area. You will then be able to carry your clubs in a metal club rack, which can be found in the car park or at club storage.

What about the Wedge and Putt?
The Wedge and Putt is a facility within The World of Golf Theme Park. All members and daily visitors are welcome to play on this great par 3 course, however it does close from time to time due to corporate events and league.